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These are all the webpages to which you can link or from which we can link to you. For effective SEO, it is better if our mutual links were not to the same exact pages. It may even better if our links were triangular and not to each others' domains, which is why our directory is on a separate domain.
When linking to one another, it is best if the webpage linked to has the same theme/subject/topic as the page linked from. You can link to our page either from a separate text link somewhere on your page, or from text located within a paragraph. The "Preferred keywords" column below shows what text we would like you to link out from within your page. But it is also good if this is not always consistent (the search engines consider it spam); therefore, feel free to add a word or two. For example, if you had a webpage on rabbits and wanted to link out to our main translation service page, you could link out from the text "translation service about rabbits", for example. This would add the important keyword "rabbit" to your rabbit page and help both of us. Here is a free online keyword analysis tool which you can use to find out the most common keywords on our respective pages (so that we are both on similar subjects/topics). We would prefer you linked to one of our main pages, but linking to any of the other pages below, if the topics match, is certainly not a problem.

Here is some text drawn from one SEO site which sheds further light on good link exchange practice:

The reason many reciprocal links lost value is because they were mostly placed in what were called "link pages", these pages contained huge numbers of links and many times they pointed to websites which were completely outside of the linking site's niche; in other words pharmacy websites were linking to real estate sites, sports sites were linking to technology sites and so on. As you can see, this linking structure offered no benefit for the visitor and was specifically designed to manipulate the search engines.
Google quickly adapted to these changes and reciprocals were downgraded, this gave one-way links more value as far as SEO. These type of links are hard to get since webmasters need to write about a specific source and quote it on their sites by providing a link to it, this represented a serious problem to webmasters who heavily relied on automated reciprocal link acquisition.
Link exchange networks which operate even at this point in time, made things easier for the search engines to detect the linking patterns and anchor text utilization, this last factor helped determine if the reciprocals were in fact spam or if they were good links.

Looking forward to exchanging with you!

Description Preferred keywords Website address
Translation service
Translation services
Translation process
Time Zones
Payment Reputation Submit Form
Brotherhood of Translators
Translation Resources
Translator's intro
SEO work
Translation Agencies
Translation jobs
Payment Reputation
Translation Tips
Formatting in Microsoft Word
Translation Management Process
Information for Translators
Our Standards
Download Translation Programs
Translator Charges and Rates
Getting paid for translation work
Global consortium
Translations for Charity
Web Page Coloring
Translator Application
Transit PE
Transit email archives root
English Syntax
Formation of Language and Communication of Language and Communication
History of languages
History of the English language of English
African Languages (?)
Jobs in Language Countries
Language Combinations
German to English
English to German
German to French
German to Spanish
Spanish to German
German to Italian
Italian to German
German to Polish
Polish to German
German to Russian
Russian to German
English to French
Czech to English
Affiliate Offices
Kiel German Translations
London Translations
Archive emails email work address translation
translator translation agency email file language
translation agency word work email translator
translation agency translator email work
translation agency approach mail translator service
translation agency translator work translators language
email translation agency work translator project
translation agency file sample translator
translation agency word file work repetitions translator project
translation agency file translator work trados
translation agency work translator language file
translation sample translator proofread work
translation agency file translator proofread
(still to do..)
Search Engine Optimization Computer Tips
Search Engine Optimization Jobs Internet Cafe
Travel pages
Cheap Travel Europe Tour Guide
Travel job
Female travel companion
Caravan survival tips
Property investments page
Trip navigation page (Euro Trip)
Outdoor parties
Travel Testimonials
Individual country page (check to make sure it works properly) - consider cardinal link problem? Create another page out of it?
Travel correspondence blog
Navigation pages
start w Jens and Sonja
(take apart laptop) Stoliv 1
Stoliv 2
Barelling to Bodrum
Escape from boredom
Escaping the Cyprus heat
London goofy faces
Leapfrogging the Drabby Cyprus Winter
first friends visiting me to Cyprus
gone treeplanting
Designing the truck
Caravan Electrical Connections
Internet Connection While Traveling
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
(good hits..) Bohemian Paradise
Ski hash in Krkonose
Czech festivals
Include the 001 pages?? Czech pages, good hits
Czech jobs
Prague - Queen's intro
Bulgaria to Czech
Travel to Bulgaria
Travel Through West Europe
Getting a driver's licence
police in Mexico an hour before crossing the border
Back to Czech
My van
Global satellite solutions
Buying a used vehicle
Letter to the Indians
Computer tips
Computer tips
Email solution
Vanquish ticket response
Pegasus Help
Computer tips tips
Further computer tips
Resize digital camera pictures
How to prepare your digital pictures in web pages
How to use search engines
How to choose between products
Using several computer monitors
Total Commander Help
Computer Virus Protection
Email Archives
Email Project Manager Ticker Number
Email Smtp Server Script Service
Email Address Project Mail Program
Email Address
Me pages (Reflections of a Madman)
Healthy intestines and healthy eating
Natural hemorrhoids treatment
The ultimate burning fire
Hemerroids and diarrhea
Common cold remedy
Cost of sickness
General health
Hair loss prevention
Avoid garlic odour
Healthy heart
Czech to English Translations Translator
Prekladatel delá preklady z ceštiny do anglictiny
Web Design
No follow pages:
How to Get Through University
Volleyball net
Laptop Sunscreen
Beautify your City
Fancy Turntable
Party pages
Open mic
Think party pics collage
Bible notes
My testimony
Christian reading
(interpret dreams) How to change one's ways
Body and spirit
An ugly, Old Testament God
The living word
Suffering and compassion
Saved by Jesus
The thinking of an atheist
God Accounting
Career choice and university studies
Jesus’s Love is the Drug for Me
Islam and Muslims vs versus Christianity
Logic of alcohol, alcoholism and alcoholics
Joy Of Giving and Helping Others
How to be saved
Example of suffering (Dana translation)
Free counseling
If there is a god why is there so much suffering?
What Is Sexual Immorality
Suffering from Pain of Betrayal from Husband
Discussion with an Agnostic about God and What he Means to Me
frustrated at God because of daily problems
Not eating meat
Time in the eyes of God
Deciphering the bible
Other gods
Creation and the theory of evolution
What is God
irresponsible consumption
fair trade vs free trade
give to charity
Educate yourself (?)
Archived Emails
Discuss Matters Reading Bible Charity
001 Hypermart submit form (Link Exchange)
Archive emails translation project agency
translation agency work translator
translation agency translator proofread project
translation agency chinese language translate
translation agency translator language translators
Project Management
project management work
project management translation agency proofread
translation project management agency
 translation project management agency work
 translation project management customer translator
 translation project management language combination
project management work translation
Cesky Raj camping pics index
Travel Gallery pics Sitemap
Ilcinj, Montenegro
Croatian orchards
Croatian orchards2
Stoliv, Kotor
Stoliv monastery
Stoliv camp
Yalikavak moon in Turkey
Yalikavak Turkey
Turkey southern coast to Cyprus
Santa Claus town and tombs
Kadir's hillside on fire
Fisherman's beach ruins
Travelling flowers
Salamis, Cyprus
Pictures Of Cool Coastal Rock Formations Near Paphos Cyprus
Pictures Of Trodos Monastery in Cyprus
Beautiful Prague
Pictures of fluffy snow in countryside of Czech Republic
Pictures Of Beautiful Czech Girls
Pictures of Turkish North Cyprus
Pictures Of Coastal Rock Formations Near Agia Nappa Cyprus
London goofy faces (2)
Simona's pottery
Encyclopedia Chemistry
What is Chemistry is Chemistry
Chemistry’s Beginnings’s Beginnings
Important events in the history of chemistry events in the history of chemistry
Nobel Prize winners Prize winners
The History of Chemistry History of Chemistry
The idea of the atom idea of the atom
Quantum numbers numbers
Stable electron orbitals electron orbitals
Ionisation energy energy
Molecules and Moles and Moles
Chemical symbols symbols
Atoms and compounds and compounds
Periodic table of the elements, chemical symbols table of the elements, chemical symbols
States of matter and the gas laws of matter and the gas laws
Mixtures and pure materials and pure materials
Chemical Reactions and Energy Reactions and Energy
Formation of ions of ions
Electron pairs, covalent bonds pairs, covalent bonds
Acids, Bases, Salts, Bases, Salts
Enthalpy and reaction heat and reaction heat
Galvanisation and Galvanic cells and Galvanic cells
Metals and their compounds and their compounds
Production of iron and aluminum of iron and aluminum
The composition of air and its pollutants composition of air and its pollutants
Water, hydrogen, hydrogen
Alkaline metals, Alkaline earth metals, sodium metals, Alkaline earth metals, sodium
Simple organic compounds containing carbon, hydrocarbons with functional groups organic compounds containing carbon, hydrocarbons with functional groups
Alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alkenes, alkynes
Noble gases, halogen-substituted alkanes gases, halogen-substituted alkanes
Natural gas, coal gas, coal
Oil, fossil fuels and raw materials, fossil fuels and raw materials
Carboxylic acids and esters acids and esters
Bicarboxylic and hydroxycarboxylic acids and hydroxycarboxylic acids
Proteins, fats and sugars, fats and sugars
Fats and oils and oils
Proteins, the building blocks of life, the building blocks of life
Chemistry and technology and technology
Sulphur, sulphuric acid and its salts, sulphuric acid and its salts
Phosphorus, phosporic acid and its salts, phosporic acid and its salts
Ammonia and ammonium-containing compounds and ammonium-containing compounds
Nitrogen and its compounds and its compounds
Inorganic carbon compounds carbon compounds
Carbonic acid and carbonates acid and carbonates
The compounds of silicon compounds of silicon
Synthetic macromolecules macromolecules
Earth Sciences Sciences
History of Earth Sciences of Earth Sciences
Earths History History
The Earliest Time Period of the Earth (Precambrian) Earliest Time Period of the Earth (Precambrian)
The Paleozoic Period of the Earth Paleozoic Period of the Earth
Mesozoic of the earth of the earth
The Cenozoic of the earth Cenozoic of the earth
The earths structure earths structure
Moon, the earths companion, the earths companion
Earths magnetism magnetism
The tide tide
Earth the Planet the Planet
Origin of the continents of the continents
Convective flow and movement of the crust flow and movement of the crust
Tectonic boundaries boundaries
Structure and types of volcanoes and types of volcanoes
Volcanoes Around the World Around the World
Volcanic Phenomena Phenomena
Cause of Earthquakes of Earthquakes
Seismic Waves Waves
Occurrence and Prediction and Prediction
Rocks and Minerals and Minerals
Igneous Rocks Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks Rocks
Rock Cycle Cycle
Glaciers and Ice and Ice
Landscape Shapes Shapes
Ice Ages (Glaciation) Ages (Glaciation)
Rocks, Mountains, and Valleys, Mountains, and Valleys
Origins of the Mountains (Orogenesis) of the Mountains (Orogenesis)
Types of Mountain Ranges of Mountain Ranges
Weathering and Erosion and Erosion
Hot and Cold Deserts and Cold Deserts
Rocks, Mountains, and Valleys, Mountains, and Valleys
Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers, Lakes, and Rivers
Ocean Floor Floor
Ocean Currents Currents
Mid-Ocean Ridge Ridge
Atolls and Coral Reefs and Coral Reefs
Coasts and Shores and Shores
Origin of the Rivers of the Rivers
Origin and Types of the Lakes and Types of the Lakes
Atmosphere and Weather and Weather
Structure of the Atmosphere of the Atmosphere
How Clouds Form Clouds Form
Cloud Types Types
Rain, Snow, and Hail, Snow, and Hail
Climate Zones Zones
Natural Phenomena Phenomena
Mineral Wealth Wealth
Ore Deposits Deposits
Salt Deposits Deposits
Solid Fuels Fuels
Earth and Humans and Humans
Hole in the Ozone Layer and Greenhouse Effect in the Ozone Layer and Greenhouse Effect
Air Pollution and Dying Forests Pollution and Dying Forests
The History and Inventors of Physics History and Inventors of Physics
Greek Antiquity Antiquity
Classical Physics Physics
Milestones in the Advancement of Physics in the Advancement of Physics
Physical Units and Quantities Units and Quantities
Nobel Prize Winners Prize Winners
Basic Concepts of Mechanics Concepts of Mechanics
Simple Machinery Machinery
Work, Output, Energy, Output, Energy
Machinery Like Equipment Used to Transform Energy Like Equipment Used to Transform Energy
Mechanics of Liquids and Gases of Liquids and Gases
Simple Motions Motions
Electricity and Magnetism and Magnetism
Electrical Circuits and the Effects of Current Circuits and the Effects of Current
Current and Charge and Charge
Electrical Circuits - Quantities and Laws Circuits - Quantities and Laws
Electrical Voltage and Resistance Voltage and Resistance
Parallel and Series Connection and Series Connection
Electricity in the Home in the Home
A Charge and its Movement in a Magnetic Field Charge and its Movement in a Magnetic Field
Transformers and Generators and Generators
Semiconductors and Semiconductor Diodes and Semiconductor Diodes
Control and Regulation and Regulation
Light Travel Travel
Reflection of Light of Light
Laws of Light Reflection of Light Reflection
Light Refraction Refraction
The Eye Eye
Photographic Equipment Equipment
Optical Equipment and the Human Eye Equipment and the Human Eye
Spectral Colours Colours
Heat Expansion of Objects Expansion of Objects
Quantity of Heat, Its Measurement, Thermodynamics of Heat, Its Measurement, Thermodynamics
Change in a Substance’s Phase in a Substance’s Phase
Heat Transfer Transfer
Energy - The Basic Concept in Natural Science and Technology - The Basic Concept in Natural Science and Technology
Thermal Power Stations and Incinerators Power Stations and Incinerators
Conventional Electrical Power Plants Electrical Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants Power Plants
Problems with Using Nuclear Energy with Using Nuclear Energy
Alternative Sources of Energy Power Stations and Incinerators
The History of Mathematics History of Mathematics
Famous Mathematicians Mathematicians
Numbers and Symbols and Symbols
Numbering Systems Systems
Natural and Whole Numbers and Whole Numbers
Rational Numbers - Fractions, Decimal Numbers Numbers - Fractions, Decimal Numbers
Real Numbers Numbers
Prime and Composite Numbers and Composite Numbers
Exponents and Roots and Roots
Length Measurements Measurements
Surface Measurements Measurements
Volume and Hollow Measurements and Hollow Measurements
Units and Measurement and Measurement
Basic Arithmetical Functions with Whole Numbers, Decimal Numbers and Fractions Arithmetical Functions with Whole Numbers, Decimal Numbers and Fractions
Counting with Decimal Numbers with Decimal Numbers
Counting with Fractions with Fractions
Counting with Quantities with Quantities
Equations, Equations with Variables, Inequalities, Equations with Variables, Inequalities
Principles of Computing with Powers of Computing with Powers
Abscissae, Rays and Bisectors, Rays and Bisectors
Display, Rotation and Symmetry, Rotation and Symmetry
Other Polygons Polygons
Volume and Surface Areas of Polyhedrons and Surface Areas of Polyhedrons
Volume and Surface Areas of Round Objects and Surface Areas of Round Objects
Platonic Objects Objects
Goniometric Functions Functions
Computing Angles and Sides of Triangles Angles and Sides of Triangles
Trigonometric Functions and their Procedures Functions and their Procedures
Rule of Three Sum of Three Sum
Percent and Interest and Interest
Equations with Fractions with Fractions
Linear Equations Equations
Quadratic Equations Equations
Binomial Functions Functions
Exponential Equations Equations
Functions with Roots with Roots
Vector Calculus Calculus
Quantities and Logics and Logics
Sets and Logical Connections and Logical Connections
Assertion Logics Logics
Boolean Algebra and Logical Circuits Algebra and Logical Circuits
Dilemma and Paradoxes and Paradoxes
Theory of Games of Games
Dynamic Systems Systems
Integral Calculus Calculus
Differential Calculus, Derivative Calculus, Derivative
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Katka photographs Photograph pictures of Thailand
Fatty Lumpkin Czech band
Czech Cyprus pub ceska a slovenska hospoda na kypru
Czech and Slovakian Pub Restaurant in Cyprus
Treeplanting Accounting Software
Treeplanting in the Past
Treeplanting vagabond
Treeplanting Companies
Treeplanting Jobs
Shakti Reforestation
Treeplanting Correspondence