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    This page is an easy entry sitemap for KENAX translators and remote personnel (programmers, website designers, project managers - full list here, other jobs below). You will find the main links across the top and along the left hand side, and below you will find an explanation for each of these links. Below that you will find some additional links.

    KENAX Translation Service - our main entry page designed for customers and where you will find a full overview of the services we offer (based on your skills).

    KENAX Links - various links that may interest you, such as information about the Czech Republic, where we started. Also a page where translators can post links to their online translator CV in exchange for a backlink to us.

    CONTACT - how you can contact us.

    LOGIN - where you can login to your account with us, if you have already filled in our online application form.

    Apply / Login - the same as the LOGIN link across the top. Here new applicants can quickly set up an account, or previous applicants can login to their account (change their details, submit translation samples, apply for tenders, or view the Payment Reputation database).

    General Information - such as our philosophy about what a translation should be; receiving work from us; our pricing policy; getting paid; issuing an invoice; how to count words, lines or pages; and some basic instructions about how to translate.

    Translation Programs - where you can download programs which you might need for your translation work.

    Translation Resources - useful links to help you with your work, such as a list of translation agencies if you are looking for more translation work (or where we can approach thousands of them for you); a translation jobs page listing forums and directories where you can search for posted translation projects; a time zone table to help you organize your delivery schedule, depending on where your customer is relative to your own time zone; links to some sites (including our own) where translators have submitted comments concerning the payment reputation of translation companies they have worked for in the past; how to protect your computer against viruses and other useful computer tips; some currency exchange calculation sites; and many useful third party links, such as online dictionaries and other resources.

    Translator Tips - our own tips how to get set up as a translator and everything you need to know about the profession.

    Transit Tutorial - our own tutorial written in a simplified and easy manner, since we like to use this software for certain or larger projects.

    Work Conditions - what we expect from you in terms of quality and delivery, and what you can expect from us.

    CS Exchange Server - for certain ongoing or very large projects, you will be given access to this system if assigned to the project. It is a workflow system where you can communicate with the assigned project managers and other translators working on the same project, and exchange files between each other.

    Download Folders - sometimes we will send you files by email, while other times you will be asked to download them from the web (from precisely these Download Folders pages).

    Other possible links of interest: Languages of the World - all the languages we offer based on those submitted by applying translators, the total number of languages now surpassing 210. For interest's sake and as we find the time, we try to write an interesting synopsis of each language, such as the country's history. It can be interesting reading, especially for some of the more exotic languages.
    What our translators have said about us as drawn from the BlueBoard section of ProZ (so you don't have to pay them for this information).
    A few more links for our translators describing how we work and how we are set up.
    And finally, some remote internal jobs for us, although most of them are commission or benefit based.