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    We will not necessarily be super strict about this, but just giving you a general idea what might happen if we find out you have broken our agreement. Outlinks from the directory can be useful, but also damaging if they are abused. If any abuse or breach of agreement (listed below) is found, it may result in the permanent blacklisting of your entire domain from the directory. From time to time we will be spot checking the reciprocal links to ensure the quality of the directory.

    Terms and Conditions of Link Exchange

    • if you move your outlink to us to another page than previously stated, you should inform us by email so that we can update our records. If while performing a spot check we no longer find the reciprocal link, it could lead to the removal of our link to you, and a possible blacklisting of your entire domain. To circumvent this blacklist you would have to give a quality link to us, without an exchange, for an agreed period of time;
    • your pages that we link to should not change drastically in theme or content. The site should not become littered with outlinks to porno sites and such, or have any downloading virus, or be a party to some link farms which could damage the credibility of our directory. The theme of the page should not change either. If the page has been linked to from one of our non-business categories (outside of the Companies and Services category), the page should not be later changed to become primarily business oriented. Banner outlinks are permitted, but the main theme of the page should stay the same. For example, if you make a page which ends up in the Regional and Travel section and which describes nice hiking trails on a particular mountain, the prime function of that page should remain the same and its text should not be later changed to mostly pump some company or have a billion outlinks to other services to the point that it becomes difficult for the viewer to peruse the useful information through all the clutter. Outlinks are permitted but they should not get in the way of the primary and interesting content for the viewer. If you want to dramatically change the substance of the page you should inform us so that we can move it into another category.
    303 Redirect

    If at some point you choose to move your page elsewhere and 303 redirect it
    [for example: <meta http-equiv="refresh"content="4;url=">]
    but its content remains roughly the same and still useful for the directory, we will automatically update the link for you. Although this may take time, during our occasional spot checks, so you might want to contact us directly if you would like the link updated faster.