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Exchanging links is a good way to increase your PR Page Rank, which in turn can push your pages higher up on the search engine results.


We have two methods of exchanging links:

  • an automated link exchange if your page(s) does not have any page rank (the directory folders are html static and optimized for search engines)

  • a manual link exchange system if the page(s) you will be linking to us from has a page rank above zero (email us with your proposal).


If you do not know what Page Rank is please read the Page Rank link above, where you will also find a link to determine the page rank of your own pages.


For the automated link exchange system you may link to any of our pages shown on the link exchange link page.

For the manual link exchange system you may view a list of our link exchange pages with page rank above zero.


A better linking strategy is one where our pages do not link to each other directly (such as page A links to page B, which links back to page A) but rather a triangular or indirect type exchange (such as our page A links to your page B, which links to our page C). Even better is if our page A, located on domain A, links to your page B, which links to our page C located on a different domain. We control many domains.

Otherwise, if you would like a simple link exchange, we'd prefer that you link to our main page in this typical format:


<a href="http://your.web.address/">The Title of your Link</a> - the description of your link.
- the category or subcategory you would like it placed in (choose from the list at the top of this page)
- the address of the page from where you have already linked back to us


When choosing a page to link to or from, it is a better strategy to stay within the theme topic. For example, if you are a pharmaceutical company then it would be better for both our pages if we linked from one of my health pages.

For manual link exchanges we can discuss to decide on the best strategy.

For the automated link exchange system please use your discretion.


You might also like to check out our search engine optimization page to see what the rankings are of some of our more important pages. Generally we get more than one thousand unique visitors a day for all pages located within our main domain.



Below is our old link exchange directory before we automated it, and below that an explanation of the directory structure we generally try to follow.

For our directory (automated link exchange) pages we occasionally add text to help with the pages' rankings. If you'd like to suggest any new categories please feel free to contact us.


Companies and Services

|_____Website Design




|_____Translation Services

|_____Translation Resources

|_____Web Directories
Regional and Travel
|_____United States
Society and Culture
|_____Government and Institutions
|_____Language and Linguistics

|_____Religion and Spirituality


Sports and Recreation



Description of Directory Categories

Companies and Services- any company which hopes to make a profit from its activities. Business companies which fall under any of the other categories or subcategories, such as travel agencies for the Travel category, will be placed there and not here.
Education - where people can turn to for free information and educate themselves.
Regional and Travel
- any site which is location specific, such as country specific pages, government embassies in a particular country, and anything which may be useful for travelers, such as hiking maps and information about a nature preserve.
Society and Culture - anything to do with people. Refer to the subcategories of this section to get a better idea.
Sports and Recreation - where people can turn to for their own personal leisure and entertainment.

Over time we will promote each category page by adding original content text and by the usual techniques we apply to our other pages. We will also accept exchange links to the category pages to improve their page ranks.

Terms and Conditions of Link Exchange

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