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Some Fatty Lumpkin songs (left mouse click to play in browser - you might want to mute the video to the left if so):
Acid Pot and Pills
Old and Lonely
Point of Joint


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Fatty Lumpkin in the Novel the Lord of the Rings

On the one hand its a hobbit's horse, a pony kept by Tom Bombadil, who was met by Frodo Baggins and friends in the Old Forest. Tom is a mysterious figure who is called the master of wood, water and hill, mysterious mostly because Tolkien feels not all characters should be fully revealed and that some question should remain in a story. In fact, Tom was inspired by Tolkien's children's Dutch doll. Tom always speaks or sings in a certain musical beat, and he used his music talents to free Merry and Pippin from the grip of Old Man Willow by singing the tree to sleep. Tom then takes the two hobbits into his home, where he discovers the ring does not have power over him, since he still sees Frodo when he wears it. Neither does he turn invisible when he himself wears it. Gandalf says that Tom is the oldest being in existence, but argues against handing the ring to him for destruction because he feels he is too carefree and might recklessly lose it on his way to Mordor.

Before sending the hobbits on their way, Tom teaches them a special song to sing in the domain of his forest to summon him if they are ever in danger. He is not in the movie version of the Lord of the Rings because the producers felt he did not contribute enough and that he would make the movie too long by including him.

"Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!/ Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow!/ Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!"

Tom never rode his horse Fatty Lumpkin that often, rather letting him run wild and free in the hills of Barrow-downs. The hobbit's ponies were frightened in the fog one night and ran off to find Fatty, who subsequently calmed down. Fatty took them to Tom's house, where they became friends.

Fatty Lumpkin - the Czech Band

Not sure why my friend Lada was inspired to call his band Fatty Lumpkin, but perhaps it was because of the musical way Tom likes to speak (sing). Taking it upon myself to promote this band a bit I agreed to slap this page together. The picture at the top was drawn from the video, which I filmed and then edited on computer. I used to play with the band occasionally, and because I needed some text to add to these pages and could not find much information on them on the net, I thought I'd just write about my own experiences with them. The only interesting information or quote I could find on the net was:

Though Nelson, a professional jazz session player, is fond of standards like "My Funny Valentine" and "Stella by Starlight," they are blended with the band's own fusion rock chords and changes, creating an intriguing layered sound.

I'm not the greatest musician but I do love it, play 11 instruments and even compose my own music. And what I enjoy about playing music the most is when I can play with other musicians who are able to let loose and jam. Many musicians are rigid and always need to know exactly where the ship is going, but jamming is a bit like dancing. You never really know how your partner will move do you, but you sort of watch them, dance with them, and the music fills the void. This is what it's like to jam with creative musicians who are flexible and responsive, and non-judgemental. Without preconceptions of how things "should" be. Which is why some of the songs/jam sessions by Fatty Lumpkin can go on "forever", because when you get into a good groove, you don't want to let go. What's also interesting is that each time you play a song it sounds different, or the song can morph even while you're playing it. I've played with a few bands where each practice session was essentially the same, always perfecting the same old thing. Fatty Lumpkin never practices but rather just explores around each other while in concert.
However, as most bands go, Fatty Lumpkin has found itself in squabbles and which results in new band members. But each time the music changes, reshapes, and it makes it a pleasure to listen to, because you almost do not recognise the same song you've listened to as an audience member, or me as a fellow band member. I remember when Mad Chris was the lead musician, and heard complaints how he was getting wasted and throwing his naked penis onto the audience tables. He was eventually replaced by Nelson the sax player/lead singer, but over time he too left the band, Mad Chris came back, and I was surprised to hear a completely different sound when Chris returned. I played the African Jambe and enjoyed jams with Uria the drummer, but I wasn't paid, didn't want to show up at every gig 7 days a week, allowed myself to get wasted during concerts, and I guess I too was too inebriated to contribute something serious and professional. But it certainly was a fun ride. We also played in festivals out of town and there were many great memories.
Perhaps I spread myself too thin, with my 11 musical instruments, interests, love of filming, interest in editing, running a global company from a truck while traveling around Europe, but that's precisely the Bohemian nature which I like to hear in Fatty Lumpkin's music. Always changing and I never get bored of it.


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Fatty Lumpkin on MySpace - our Fatty Lumpkin MySpace account (please help promote us by voting on the video link! - youtube as well please)
Fatty Lumpkin on Youtube - our Fatty Lumpkin Youtube account
http://www.stable-studios.com/ and http://www.fattylumpkin.eu/ - Ladi the band leader's own website, eternally under construction...but one day!
http://prague.tv/articles/ - interview with Ladi Kolsky, Fatty Lumpkin band leader
http://www.tuckborough.net/horses.html - horses of the Lord of the Rings, of which one of them is Fatty Lumpkin

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